Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mother's Day

Lovey was in heaven eating a cleaned off chicken leg!

Good thing Grandpa has big arms to snuggle in!

Erin & Russell

Grandma Lake, Dad & Lovey*

I got to spend Mother's Day with my mom in Palm Springs this year. The whole Lake Family went to O'Donnell Golf Club for Lunch (thanks dad). I hadn't been with my mom for Mother's Day in a few years. Of course, I also got to be a celebrated mom with my kids. They gave me the greatest cards and Jon wrote me a traditional poem. Thank you family for a wonderful Mother's Day.

* Don't you worry - she is drinking breastmilk!

Seth's black eye

Poor Sethy! He seems to be a bit accident prone! He was running in the entry way and fell and bumped the corner of his eye, a big goose egg formed and the next day he woke up with no goose egg and a big black eye. Between the blue eye, the hot flushed cheeks and the dry red lips he looked like he was wearing make-up!

Sunday Family Picture

Last Sunday we were all sitting together in the family room Marcus says "I know a good Sunday activity. Take a Family Picture, that's good to do on Sunday." So we all gathered in front of the couch and pushed the timer on the camera. The picture didn't turn out too bad!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saftey Town Graduation

Marcus, Grant & Easton participated in Safety Town together. Everyday for two weeks they would have lesson about fire safety, stranger danger, when to call 911 , how to cross a street and many other lessons on how to be safe in the neighborhood!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovey's First Bike Ride

Jon and Lovey did some bike riding together. This is Lovey's first time on the ibert. She didn't hate it but I wouldn't say she was ecstatic over the whole thing!

Then she fell asleep in daddy's arms watching the Laker-Celtic basketball game.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sand Hallow Lake

Rob (jon's co-worker) and his wife Holly invited us out to Sand Hallow Lake to play on their boat. We had a great time! The weather wasn't exactly cooperating with us - a huge storm rolled in a few hours after we got there. But the lake was so nice, the boys had a wonderful time playing in the water. They went out on the innertube pulled SLOWLY by the boat. Jon & Rob went out early and did some water skiing and wake boarding. And yes, yours truly also went water skiing! Rob asked me if I wanted to ski, I said I was okay then Jon says "You know how to ski?" And that was that. I was out on the boat, jumping into freezing water and yes, I got up my very first try! It was awesome! I want to buy a boat and go every weekend!
(Sorry I only took 2 pictures!)