Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jordan World Circus

You can't tell in the picture but Marcus is actually dancing to the 80's music! The circus was... well lets just say they didn't have a really big budget... However, Marcus loved it and that is why we went. We really have to thank our dad because he spent a small fortune on us and missed his basketball night. Thanks Dad! We love you!

You could have your picture taken with the Bear, but this was as close as Marcus would get! He did go on a pony ride, mom totally missed it because she was watching the elephants

The Train Show

My dad took me to a Train Show. It was so cool to see all the trains. The best part was after my dad drove 90 miles an hour on the side street to make sure I got to see a real train go by our house! We stuck our arms out the window pretending that we were blowing the whistle and the conductor tooted his whistle for us!
Look, Trains!

My conductors hat.

Future Dentist

When I grow up I am going to be a dentist just like my Grandpa Lake