Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Junkies...

Milk Junkies that is.
(notice the simultaneous hair twirling)

Transformer Birthday Party!

What a fun party we had!
Mason Tanaka, Tyler Tanaka, Zack Davis, Ashton DeRose, Jack Perkins, CJ Reid, Caleb Smith
The Autobots where on a mission to save the All Spark form the Decepticons. They had to rescue the minicons from the oven, put bumblebee together so he could help them spary off the cosmic dust, and break apart Optimus Prime to find the All Spark. Then we had cake and ice cream and opened presents. The boys had a great time! Thank you to all our friends for the fun birthday presents.

Where is Marcus!?!

We have had a few incidents where Marcus has gone missing.
At this point I am almost feeling like the mother of the boy who cried wolf!

The first time was a Saturday afternoon, We were all inside the house doing stuff when all of the sudden I said, "Where is Marcus?" I called for him but no answer. I noticed that the front door was unlocked and thought he must of gone outside. So I looked outside, we knocked on all the neighbors doors, we looked all through the house, twice! We had the neighbors out looking for him and I was just about the call the police when, Jon found him. He had been hiding between the couch and the blanket basket. As soon as Jon saw him and said his name Marcus burst into tears. He knew we had been looking for him.
One day Marcus wanted to go across the street to see if his friend Jacob could come over to play. I watched him walk across the street then started doing something with Seth. A few minuted later I looked outside to see where they were. No one there... I went and knocked on Jacob's door, no answer. I knocked on all the neighbors door and no answer, I started walking around looking for him, no where to be found. I called my neighbor, Amy, no answer. I kept looking for about 10 minutes then I called Amy again. Marcus had gone over to here house because Jacob wasn't home and May had gotten in the shower so she didn't hear me knock or call...
It was dinner time, Jon wasn't home yet, I was feeding Seth and Marcus came inside in a tissy. I sent him upstairs to his room and shockingly he went. So I finished feeding Seth, did the dishes when Jon came home. He went upstairs to get changed then came down for dinner. I called Marcus to come downstairs to eat also, no answer, MARCUS, no answer. "I didn't see him up there" says Jon. Where is he, He must of slipped past me and went outside. To which I get in big trouble for not being able to take care of my children. We start looking outside, I search everywhere upstairs. "He's not upstairs" says Jon...
This is where I found him!

Out cold in my bed totally under the sheets!
Oh, Marcus! You make our lives so, so, interesting!

Happy 4th Birthday Marcus!

In honor of Jon's new citizenship and Marcus' Birthday we had a Red, White & Blue birthday party. We are our friends over for some pizza, cake & ice cream! Thanks friends for coming and celebrating with us!
Happy Birthday Marcus, You are the Best Big Brother Ever!
Can I play with all your toy!?!

Marcus loves pizza. His favorite kind is pineapple.

Marcus was lucky that the Luce's moved back just in time for his birthday so Jaden and Laura came to his party.

For our Dad!

Abby & Elly Maney helped me make this sign for Marcus and Jon. If you zoom in you can see they put there personal touch on it! Thanks girls for helping me get ready for the party! We love you!

Thanks Jaden!

Thanks Ava!

Thanks Anny & Elly

I'm Proud To Be An American...

Jon is now an American Citizen. On September 10th, Marcus' b-day, Jon was sworn in at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City. It was the biggest group they have ever had for a swearing in ceremony in the state, some 700 people from all different countries. Canada had the second highest amount of people, preceded by, you guessed it, Mexico. Jon is mostly excited because he can now vote in the upcoming presidential election(He has really gotten into politics). AND he has an U.S. passport which will make crossing the border only that much easier! Congratulations Jon - the piles of paper work, mean INS agents and spending a ton of money are now over!!
(Can you believe this is the best picture I got! My camera was having issues!!!)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Marcus Starts His Second Year of Preschool

Marcus was very excited to start preschool especially because he has made fast friends with our neighbor Zack who attends the same preschool. He and Zack were inseperable for about two weeks before school started. He walks to preschool by himself (it's 3 doors down from our house)!

The Boys went camping...

Jon Here. These are some photos from Marcus' first camping trip. We went with Keith, Mason and Tyler. Kudos to Keith for letting us take his mini-van "off-roading" as we camped up American Fork Canyon (about 20-30 minutes from our home, although it took about an hour to get there because of the trail we had to take to find it which involved driving through a stream and about 40 min. on a tiny, windy, unpaved mountain road). See his car for proof of the trek it took!

We found a small campground that was next to a little babbling brook. I say "babbling" as it provided nice background noise throughout the night... at least when our neighboring campers finally turned their music off at about 4 a.m. The boys had so much fun playing in it though and it was great to see their imaginations, and their bodies running all over the place!

Thanks to the campers who had been there from the night before, Keith and I had the easiest time ever getting the fire going. All we had to do was place some wood shavings on the pit, along with some wood aligned in teepee formation and add wind. Then, poof, we had fire!

The highlight of the night was when Marcus received what we diagnosed later on as a mild concussion. Surprise, surprise him and the twins were rough-housing and he landed pretty hard on his head. He wailed pretty hard for it and kept saying he had to throw-up. I thought it may have been because of the food (chicken tin-foil dinners--thanks Michelle!!) not being cooked long enough... but it was plenty cooked. He did ending up throwing-up, but a few hours later. Poor guy. I felt pretty awful after but he was fine after some good sleep. Good news is, it makes for some sweet memories!

Thanks Tanaka boys for the good times! Marcus, thanks for not screaming to go home in the middle of the night! It was a blast!

Famly Trip to the Farm

We love the farm! Seth loved the animals, so much so that he tried to feed his hand to the goats - good thing mom is a fast thinker (sometimes)! Marcus is a pro at riding the ponies and Seth got to go for his first time (well, the first time that he actually sat on the pony)!