Monday, August 24, 2009

She smiles...

Lovey was born at 31 weeks (9 weeks early)
on August 12th at 4:40 am.
She was 3lbs 7 oz and 15 1/2 inches long.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bacon Family Reunion

Jon's whole family came out to Utah for a family Reunion. Even his Aunt Wendy and Uncle Ray came over form England. It was a crazy time with Lovey in the hospital but we loved seeing everyone and being together, it doesn't happen very often.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bacon Family Reunion

We were very fortunate to have Jon's family come out to Utah for a family reunion. They were a great support at a difficult and hectic time for us. Tim and Kim took some family pictures for us and as usual they turned out great! We loved seeing you all! We even got Uncle Andrew for a week longer! He stayed to help out with the boys while Jon was working and I was making daily trips to see Lovey in the hospital.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Daughter Has a Name!

Introducing: Eliana Renée Bacon!!

A little background on her name. When Michelle and I lived in Washington D.C. in the latter half of 2003, Michelle was a nanny for the children of the family we lived with. One of their daughters name is Eliana. When I first heard the name I absolutely fell in love with it. Not to mention the Eliana we knew being one of the cutest children I'd ever met (she had me wrapped around her finger! I should add, both of their children were absolutely beautiful!).

Fast forward to our current neighborhood. Our neighbors and friends the Mabey's have the only other Eliana we've ever met (among their four beautiful daughters!). This actually made the decision for our daughter's name a little tough (every girl knows they want an "original" name--even though there isn't such a thing--for their baby) since we didn't want it to be weird having a daughter with the same name as our friends daughter. However, their Eliana is also SUPER cute and sweet as can be (as are all of their daughters!), so again, the name association was positive. It still wasn't an easy decision.

The clincher came through the meaning of her name. Eliana (pronounced, elle-ee-AN-ah) means "God has answered." Truly, we know He has. Renee is Michelle's middle name as well.

So now you know... "The rest of the story!" Feel free to help us spread the news!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Girl Bacon

Hey all, a more detailed post about the baby is coming soon, but we wanted to get some pictures up for family and friends not on Facebook (pictures are there too under Michelle and my profiles).

We're still working on a name (What? Us having problems picking a name... never!!!), and we'll have one by 5:00 p.m. (MST) on Monday, Aug. 17th since that's the deadline. Anyway, here are a few pictures of the little bug (what we have so far)!

Baby Girl Bacon (this is the night after she was born at the NICU. Thought it was a better picture to introduce her than some of them below)

Here's the little bug straight out of the womb. She went on a ventilator for transport to the other hospital (about 20 miles from here), then went to a CPAP (if you're understanding these terms you're better off than I was!), and by mid-day she was breathing on her own. What a trooper!

Here's the contraption she was hooked to for transport to the NICU at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (in Provo). It looks more like Ecto 1 than a stretcher!

This is how she was when I gave her a blessing before heading on the road. It was a sweet moment that brought a lot of comfort to Michelle and I and had some kind words for the baby!

Here's "Super Mom!" She lost about 60% of her blood volume but was smiling and doing well. She was actually comforting me the whole time... what can I say, I'm a softy when it comes to my wife and kids. She's doing much better now and is super strong and recovering quickly. As far as I'm concerned, I'm the luckiest man alive!

Posing for the camera! Hairy like her brothers!

Her head is a little smaller than a dum dum lollipop!

I tried to add some perspective with the lollipops. Didn't quite work!

My first time holding my daughter. Few things more special than this moment! Her head is so small it fits easily in just the palm of my hand covering only a portion of it. Tiny little one! She was born at 3 lbs. 8 oz., and was 15 inches long. By yesterday, she was down to 3 lbs. 4 oz. Hopefully she'll start going up soon... mom's been pumping like crazy. I'm the milk delivery guy!

A little better perspective. A "Giant" Symphony bar looks huge next to her! I figured I'd get something to measure her by that I could enjoy eating after :-)

Another look at my little symphony!

Her first teddy bear came for a visit too. She was just looking on to make sure she was ok!

Even the teddy bear couldn't resist a little snuggle with her. About the only time the bear (hope) will be the same size!

They put a bow in her hair yesterday. Still hairy, but looking more like a girl (than her brothers) with the bow!

The final perspective for now. She's a wee one, but is holding up like a trooper.

We're pretty wildly blessed right now and I'd be ungrateful if I didn't say a HUGE thank you to our friends and family, specifically, the Mabey's, Bender's, Shirley's, Lucy (Michelle's mom), Tanaka's, Arzani's and everyone else who has volunteered their time, energy, prayers and well wishes. The outpouring of love and support has been immense and we both have full hearts because of it. Stories from family and friends of their experience with a premature baby have also helped a ton. It's given us perspective and prepared us that much more for what's going on now and what's to come. Thank you everyone. We are more grateful than words can express.