Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lovey Came Home!

Marcus and Seth love having their sister home. They are such good big brothers. They each take turns holding her and giving her TONS of kisses on the head.
Marcus likes to feed her one of the two supplemental bottles she gets a day (3 oz of breastmilk & 1/2 tsp. neosure) and he always makes sure she gets a burp. She is a really good eater.
She is sleeping well, every few nights she has a bad night and we go downstairs to watch an episode of Law & Order. It's actually really nice that Jon is home and lets me sleep in on those days!
We love having a little girl, she is such a miracle!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Our Lovey...

Marcus & Seth bought this bear for their sister. Linda, the nurse, took a sweet picture of her holding it while she slept.

The IV came out awhile ago and Eliana was able to start having tub baths. This was her first tub bath.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Grandma Lake & Eliana

Grandpa Bacon & Eliana

Many years ago (or so it seems)

A year after Jon and I were married we went to DC for Jon to do an internship at the French Embassy. We lived in the basement of the Rosenthal's House and I played nanny to their two daughters, Alexandra and Eliana. It was at this time Jon fell in love with Eliana and with her name. Hence, we now have a daughter Eliana!
Here are some flash back pictures...

Jon working at the French Embassy

The White House

We played Mary & Joseph for the live Nativity Scene at the Washington DC Temple

My first time being a spider for Halloween. (I've been that every year since!) I actually bought the hat in Alexandria.

Alexandra Rosenthal


Eliana Rosenthal

Annapolis, Maryland