Monday, March 24, 2008

Seth's First Barbershop Haircut

Ok, I know what you are thinking - these aren't pictures of a haircut. Well, you are correct. The reason is: I didn't take any pictures of the first haircut! However, I did take pictures of the first oreo cookie that just so happened to have been eaten on the same day as the first haircut! Does that count? Plus, I was holding Seth on my lap, he was eating a sucker I was trying to keep out of his hair while he was getting the haircut. At the same time I was telling Marcus what a great job he was doing sitting so still and being so brave while getting his haircut! Did you see any possible way a picture could have been taken!?! You'll have to settle for pictures of the Oreo Cookie!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Number 1 Basketball Player...

Not to be out done, Marcus shows us his basketball moves!

We love our Marcus! He is SO into sports and has somehow acquired sporting gear to go only with all his favorite sports teams!
Jazz - Basketball
Broncos - Football
Bees - Baseball
BYU - Any sport!

more basketball...(as Superman this time!)

Why is everything upside-down!