Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day of School

Marcus made it through 1st grade! 
We took Tyler with us to celebrate at SWIG with a sugar cookie and a soda!
They definitely look ready for summer vacation;)

We're Back...

Hello! I have been wanting to start this up again and decided today is the day. So, dishes can wait, who needs lunch, what's that? Lovey is using my expensive face lotion to wash the bathroom floor that's ok I'm updating my blog:) Of course I hope I remember how to blog, its looks like they have changed a few things since my last update a year ago...
The whole reason I stopped blogging was: 1 It took way too long to upload all the photos (One photo for one event...ok maybe two) and 2 I don't really think I am a good writer and never knew what to write. But hopefully the uploading process has been improved and now you all know I was not an English major and so be it! The question is should I catch up on the last 2 years???

Here is to another New Beginning...

Monday, May 07, 2012

St. George Ironman Kids Fun Run

The past 2 years we have had the Luce Family come down for the St. George Ironman. Jake works with the ART doctors to help prepare the athletes for the race. This year he was the head Doctor. I just love it because I get to spend 4 days with my college roomie:) 
Jaden & Owen Luce and Marcus ran in the Ironman 1 mile Fun Run. The race was Friday night before the big Ironman run on Saturday. They got a t-shirt, backpack, medal and they got to cross the same finish line the Ironmen cross when they finish. Marcus did great this year he finished big - I don't have a picture of Jaden or Marcus finishing because I had a little helper...if you know what I mean! 
The atmosphere is so electric downtown during the weekend. This year we saw the 1st place finisher cross the line, we ate yummy tacos from the food cart, the kids rode the carousel, played in the lazy stream, got candy from the candy store and we actually got cold at night! 
Can't wait till next year!!