Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We went with Aaron, Colleen & Ashton RV-ing to the Manti Miracle Pagant. We had a blast. The boys thought driving in the RV not being buckled up was the greatest (and I'll admit it would be nice not to be in seatbelts for long drives). I've always wanted to own a RV (ever since middle school - don't ask!) so it was a dream come true for me too!

The Manti Temple is HUGE and very beautiful up on the hill. We also enjoyed the pageant - I call it the Mormon Revival Pageant. Marcus really enjoyed watching and learning about church history.

Ashton, Marcus & Seth

Unfortunately, the weather was not good for us the next day so after breakfast in the RV we headed home! Thanks for a fun weekend DeWeed's!

Seth - you crack me up!

Seth obviously spends too much time watching mom get ready in the morning!

Sun, Pool, Hammock, Palm Trees...

There might be nothing better...

Redlands Temple

Most of the family at the Redlands Temple for Melissa Lake's Wedding

Itty Bitty Baseball

Marcus took an itty bitty baseball class for a couple of weeks at the Lehi Legacy Center. He was an awesome player and teammate and had a ton of fun. Thanks to his Grandma Lake he already knew how to run around the bases (something a few of the kids couldn't quite grasp) and he hit a wicked ball form the tee. He was always cheering on his team in the outfield to get the ball. I wish I had a picture of him in the outfield, he would stand by his coach and lean over with his hands on his knees watching for the ball. Can't wait for Itty Bitty Soccer at the end of the month.

My New Ride

Seth is never happier then when riding in his iBert! I find him in the garage trying to climb up Jon's bike to get in. He tries to get me to take him for a ride so I strap him in and walk the bike around the neighborhood! It's a great contraption because he can see where he is going and he feels like he is steering the bike because he holds onto the handle bars.

Go Jazzzzz!

We went to a Jazz party at our friends The Makin's! Good thing Uncle Andrew had bought us these Jerseys!

Aren't I cool!?!

Easter 2009